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Looking for more info on Inuyasha and its characters? Then I strongly recommend visiting the sites linked below! Other Kikyou-related sites are linked with buttons at the top.

Ribbons Undone; Rin
Sesshoumaru's Castle; Sesshoumaru
Shatter Me; Kagura
Soteria; Kirara
Spirited; Higurashi Kagome
The Killing Perfection; Sesshoumaru
The Other Youkai Lord; Jaken
Void of Restraint; Miroku
Wayward Romeo; Miroku

Distant Heart; Inuyasha and Kagome
To the Moon; Miroku and Sango

Inuyasha Companion; General information
Sengoku; General information

VIZ; English anime & manga site.
Sunrise; Japanese anime production site.
Yomuri TV; Japanese anime site.