On April 20, 2005, Repose Eternal was made available online for the first time as the approved fanlisting for Kikyou. I had always intended to expand the fanlisting into a full character fan site but never really got around to it. Eventually, real life intervened and I wasn't able to update neither my sites nor my fanlistings and the fanlisting was passed on to a new owner.

Moving forward to 2016, I decided that I would re-read the Inuyasha manga in order to update my incredibly old Miroku shrine. While I was doing this, I felt this was the perfect opportunity to finally create the Kikyou tribute that I've been wanting to make for over ten years!

I normally prefer to create most, if not all, of my content before uploading my site for other people to view. However, Amassment is running a special event called Construction Zone, where members are encouraged to upload the bare bones for their fan sites and gradually update them as they create content instead. I thought I'd take part in this event with Repose Eternal, so that anyone interested might follow along in my little journey. :3 The site was uploaded for this event on August 2016.

The name of this site, Repose Eternal, is a reference to the Catholic desire for one's soul to be purified and sent onward to Heaven for eternal rest. The belief is generally that once one dies, if their soul does not go directly to heaven (or hell), it is sent to purgatory until their sins are cleansed. Once their burdens have left, they are free to move on to Heaven. Although Kikyou is of Shinto belief, I felt that the whole concept of eternal repose fit her character perfectly. Her being brought back to Earth is like purgatory and she will not move on to Heaven until her duties are complete.

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